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Allison Transmission



Allison Transmissions

We have a warehouse of Allison Marine Transmission parts

It was quite devastating news to many fleet managers to find out that Allison was discontinuing their production of the popular line of marine transmissions. These transmissions were quality and high performing gearboxes that large swaths of the ship going community had come to rely on for daily use.

Valliant Industries Inc. has stockpiled parts for these transmissions and has a portion of their warehouse dedicated to these discontinued product lines.



Having a hard time finding your parts?

Valliant Industries Inc. has the Allison Marine Transmission parts that you need. We also have the expertise to help you find the right parts to fix a problem. If you need help with your project, reach out to us today. We can help you find the right parts to solve your problems!


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Let us know what you need. Our team of trained professionals are available to help you solve your problems. We can find the right parts from our inventory to fix your Allison Marine Transmission today.

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