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Rebuilding a detroit diesel engine


Custom Work


Valliant Industries Inc. works on a wide variety of mechanical items. In a way, each project is a custom project. Even if we work on the same engine model multiple times, each one will present a unique set of challenges to rebuild or repair it.

These challenges are unique combinations of wear and tear of a lifetime of service. At Valliant Industries Inc. we have the benefit of generations of knowledge about these engines and parts. We have seen almost every type of repair and product failure at this point. While the combinations may be unique, our team can rapidly determine the best approach to fixing the issue.

We are more than willing to take this expertise and apply it to other brands or types of engines.

We take an tried and tested approach to getting your engine in tip top shape. Valliant Industries Inc. will disassemble, clean, and inspect every part. All damaged parts are replaced. We place all new gaskets, seals, and the latest lubricants to give you an engine that meets or exceeds OEM standards. If machining is required we will get that taken care of as well!

You can rest assured you Valliant Industries Inc. rebuilt engine is going to perform!


12 Cylinder Generator Engine

One of our most recent total custom jobs was a 12 cylinder generator engine for a supply boat. We took the engine down to the block. Examining every facet of the project for imperfections followed. We corrected all issues and reassembled the engine with the best parts, seals, fluids, etc. As we do with all our engines, we put it through our rigorous testing process.

Our customer was thrilled to receive a ready to "drop in" engine to get their supply boat back in action.


Parts for Detroit Diesel Marine Engines


Ready To Get Started?

We cannot wait to start on your project. We love rebuilding these engines and getting them back into daily service. Let us know how we can help you get back up and running.

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